Sunday, September 10, 2006

Marine Mud Run 2006

Wanting to try something different, I entered in the Marine Corp Mud Run that was held yesterday. It's basically a 5k race that includes running through the Roanoke River, a tunnel, trails, mud obstacles, and a HUGE mud pit at the end. I say running through the river, but that's not really true, the water eventually came up to my wading through the river is more like it. Oh, not to mention it was *freezing* cold. It was really neat though. Nothing what I expected, to say the least. The end of the race has you going through a massive mud pit, where you have to crawl through water/mud to get to the finish line. It was fun, but with all the scratches and bruises and sore muscles, I don't know if this will make my race list next year. haha ;-)

Check out these pictures

Jil and me before the race:

Jil and me after the race:

the pit!

Jordan and me after the Pollywog Jog:

I unexpectantly got second place for my age group, (18-29) with a time of 27:52. That was so surprising with the wading through the river and at least a 2 minute hike up a monster of a hill on the trail part. I didn't find out until after the medal ceremony, but I hunted down the medal giver and made Kevin take my picture on the winner's podium. hehe! Check out more pictures here.


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