Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Miracles and Heart Problems

Last night I thought I was going to die. No, not from my heart problem, but because of my cell phone!! I just recently got a Motorola Razr (in pink, but looks purple). I love this phone. Let’s face it, there’s God, my family, and then my cell phone. I know you are like that too, you would be absolutely lost without yours!! So last night while I was patiently (haha not really) awaiting the arrival of my husband from work, I thought I would give the kids a bath. Giving them a bath is a guaranteed 15 minutes of non-crying. I keep checking my phone to make sure I don’t miss the “On my way” text from Kev. No message, so I put my cell phone in my pajama pocket….which happens to be on the side towards the bath water. As I am sitting on the ledge washing both Jordan and Drew’s hair I am thinking that this isn’t so bad…I can handle watching the kids on my own (haha). They are being so funny. Jordan loves to laugh just to make Drew laugh. They both have shampoo in their hair and just look at each other like it’s the funniest thing in the world. I start to dump water on Jordan’s head to wash out the shampoo and then I hear this “plunk”. It startles me more than anything, I thought something fell from the top of the shower. I look down and I see my pink phone in the water! I reach down and grab it and start wiping it down immediately. At first glance, it appears that everything is ok. Then….and then…buttons are not working, the screen part is not lighting up and the screen starts to get warm….as if it’s short circuiting and melting inside. I start to sniffle….then cry. It’s so sad. Meanwhile the kids are left to tend to themselves….they can bathe themselves, right? I finally regain my composure and finish with the kids. I even put clothes on them. I just sit on the couch and stare at the tv and at my phone. This sucks! I just got this phone! Kev finally gets home and I just say, “Well, I know what you can get me for my birthday now, a new phone!” And this is what really bites, over the last few birthdays and a couple of other holidays I have gotten a new camera, because, yes, I tend to drop my camera a lot. The last thing I need is another present replacing an existing (but yet broken) one. Maybe those warranties were made for people like me…..perhaps, but that’s beside the point. I prayed and prayed to the cell phone gods, just to give me ONE MORE chance. Just one!! This morning I jumped out of bed and anxiously put my cell phone back together. I took out the battery thinking that it would help it dry out (haha!). And then I eagerly pressed the power button…..(come on cell phone….please!!)….and there was light. My cell phone powered up, the buttons were working properly….I could even make a call! Wahoo….it’s a miracle! Immediately I tuck my phone into my purse, grab my gym bag and head off to workout. It’s going to be a beautiful day. :-)

And now on to my heart problem. I have confirmed that the caffeine intake is a direct culprit to my premature ventricular contractions. I refrained from my one cup of coffee to test the theory. It took only one day to notice that I didn’t have a single “missed” beat. I went caffeine-free for three days and enjoyed the peacefulness of my heart….not really because I was tired as crap the whole time. The only positive is that I could fall asleep faster. I drank coffee over the weekend and yesterday morning and they now they are back. :-( Now I have to make the decision….coffee or no coffee?? WebMD.com also indicates that PVC’s can be related to stress or too much exercise, I suppose I should test those theories as well….haha, I wish.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Heather Francis said...

whoa...give up coffee all together!?!...seems like a challenge to me...I know I couldn't do it....I think in your case it's stress and working out toooo much....come on now, you've been pushing yourself beyonds limits lately..don't you think?...well glad to hear your phone is working...hard to believe actually but cool....kinda bad in away because Kev probably would have bought you one of those new ones that can take up to 10 (or more, can't remember) simutaneous pictures with one click...that would be pretty daggone cool to have...


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