Friday, April 20, 2007

A Message From My Dad

Yesterday I sent my Dad this article written by ESPN's Chris Fowler about the events that occurred on Monday. I didn't expect a response. I just sent it to him because every year he makes the journey to Blacksburg to attend a football game. He even went to a Sugar Bowl game with me and Kev a couple of years ago. And to this day, he says that being down in New Orleans to watch the Hokies play and to show his support for VT was the most amazing trip he has experienced. He is always comparing his trips, including ones with his 'current' family, to the trip he took with us.

So, he too, is shocked by the tragedy on VT's campus. He responded to my email saying this:

"You know, I'm a Buckeye through and through, but I take The Hokies under my wing like it was my team. I feel for the families that lost their sons or daughters and wish them all the strength it takes to get back to a normal life. Even though I don't know these kids, I feel like I have lost my dearest friends. I've had the best experiences with your friends during tailgating and from your parties and they have truly treated me with open arms.

Tell everyone down there to keep their heads up and only think of the great things that Va. Tech has done. Great people come and go and I'm sure that the students that lost their lives would want the community to band together and be strong. It will take everyone to make this happen and I know from past experiences, it will be done."

Thanks Dad - today we are all Hokies.


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