Monday, November 06, 2006

Birthday Weekend

I got an early start to my birthday weekend with dinner at Kabuki Restaurant with my family. Surprisingly enough, all the kids displayed great behavior. It kinda helps with the vent thing they have going on above the grill, it helps drown out all the noise they make. Including Drew who seemed to not get enough white rice. I think he grew about 6 inches, girth-wise. He's such a big boy. The night was topped off with what would turn out to be the first of 3 birthday cakes. yum!!!!

On Friday I joined up with the girls to get a massage. We went to the Blue Ridge School of Massage and were test subjects for their students. I would say that getting a good student is hit or miss. The massage was only $35 for an hour and 15 minutes. No wonder it can be hit or miss! In my opinion, I definitely got a good student. Of course, it could have been that I mentioned that it was my birthday so he “performed” better. Who knows, but the student (Sam) that was assigned to me was awesome! If you happen to get him you are in for a treat. Thanks to Katrina for setting up the appointments for us!

After massages Katrina & Nicole hosted a wine social at their place. We had an assortment of cheese and fruit and enough wine to quench the thirst of a small army. Marisa and Beth were also able to join in on the fun. Katrina even made me a cake that looked like it said I was turning 1306, instead of just 30. They surprised me with a new running shirt for cold weather and a mini foot spa soak, lotion and socks. The soak will definitely come in handy with all that marathon training that is starting up. The shirt is great. It has extra long sleeves so that I can easily wrap my hands inside of them. I am not a big fan of running gloves. The shirt worked out splendid for my first ever Happy Hallow run. (More on that later!) I intended on staying for just a couple of hours because I had a big run to do on Saturday. A couple of hours led to 12:30am….yikes! That wine is not gonna feel good tomorrow morning!

Saturday we all (except for Nicole who is taking it easy due to an injury) headed over to Windsor Hills for a morning run. Beth and Katrina were just out for a portion of the run, meanwhile Marisa and I were scheduled to do an hour and half run. This was the first time that I did Happy Hallow and I will have to say that it was freakin’ hard. Just imagine the worst hill you can think of, and multiply it by 100. I think it was harder for me because I didn’t know when the hill would end. I wasn’t about to charge up the hill and come to find out I was only ½ up it! It was a great run though and I am going to write more about it. (I know, you can’t wait! ;-)

After the run I met up with the family (my sister and her three girls included) at NRV Gymnastics to watch Jordan and my nieces. Afterwards, I went back to the house and showered while Kevin hauled the kids over to his mom’s for the evening. Once Kev returned we went on a little shop spree. :-) He bought a new pair of running shoes and a dress shirt. For my birthday he purchased me a new outfit, including boots, ColdGear (running shirt, tights and a light-weight jacket) by Under Armour. The jacket was an added bonus as the shirt is a little tight by nature and makes me look like the perfect sausage roll. Haha. I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow though!

Once Kev finished shelling out the dough, we headed over to Red Robin for a few drinks and an appetizer. Then we went back to the house to change and drove over to our friend Heather’s house to enjoy the Tech game. Heather made me a cake too that was strawberry with cream cheese icing. It was delicious! It was perfect with a Hokie victory.

Next stop, Big Al’s. We stopped here briefly to catch up with my girls. After a quick drink (ie, SoCo and lime) we shuffled on over to The Nerve for a little dancing. It was great! The place was completely empty, thus no smoke & we did not have to worry about dying of a heat stroke. It was like they reserved the place just for me. ;-) It was nice having everyone around for my birthday. I hope they all had just as much fun as me. (My stories end here for the sake of my mother’s sanity. If you ever need a chuckle, feel free to stop by and get the rest of the scoop.)

Who says turning 30 is such a drag?? Like my friend Marisa wrote in my birthday card, “You are only as old as your friends”….which means I can thank Justina because I get to be 21 again on July 3rd. Sweet!! I definitely can't wait for that!!!

I will post pictures sometime soon.


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