Monday, May 23, 2005

First Photos

Ok, I finally learned how to get the ultrasound pictures on my blog. These are "facial" shots of the baby. For those of you not familiar with looking at ultrasound pictures.....the top right picture shows the baby's head on the left, and the big round circle to the right is it's belly. The bottom left picture is just swaped because the doctor rotated the ultrasound thingy. Then the bottom right hand picture is a glimpse of the "devil inside". I don't like this picture at all, but oh well. The eyes, nose and possibly "teeth" are quite distinguishable.



At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive, Velvet!

Looks like a cutie pie!

love, rikki

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous David said...

Holy cow! 153 BPM heart rate?!? That's amazing. Your baby is going to be athletic... Or maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about which very well may be the case :-)

- David


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