Saturday, November 12, 2005

Back to Work

My maternity leave officially ended this past Wednesday as I returned back to work at I can honestly say that I am happy to be back! I was even able to get to work all three days this week before 8am. (This is a personal accomplishment because during my pregnancy I couldn’t even get out of bed before 8am.) The routine that Kevin and I have been doing consists of the following:

The baby, Drew, goes to bed around 9pm. I usually lay down with our oldest child Jordan in her bed at least by 9:30pm. Kevin stays up and works for a couple of hours and wakes me up (if I haven’t done so already) to go to our room. Drew then wakes up around 2 or 2:30 at which point he gets a diaper change and 4 oz of formula. It takes about 20-30 mins for him to finish eating and get a good burp after which I put him back in his crib. So about 3:00am I am crawling back to my bed. At 5:30 I wake up for the day and start getting all of Drew’s daycare stuff ready. At 5:45 I wake him up for another diaper change and bottle. When he finishes, I put him in his car seat and let him fall back asleep while I get ready for work. Around 7:15 I take him to daycare and get to work by like 7:50am. I work until about 5pm and then pick up both the baby and Jordan. I am pretty tired by the time I get home.

On Wednesday, I made Kevin run with me for about 30 mins. He’s such the trooper! But we were totally exhausted by the time we got home. I was so tired that I feel asleep shortly after dinner with Drew asleep on my chest. Around 9pm Jordan comes out of her room and wakes me up. I couldn’t believe 2 hours had passed and that I didn’t even realize it. When she tried to lay on me I asked her, “Jordan, where is your daddy?” to which responds, “Well, he’s sleeping in my bed.” Apparently he was exhausted too, and who knows how long Jordan was up and about on her own. She has always been the independent type…..

But as for work, like I said I am really excited to be back. We had a lot of things happen in October that I felt like I wasn’t really a part of since I was not physically at work and plenty of things to look forward to that I will be a part of. I was glad that on my first day back I was able to help out with the November billing cycle, which was one of my major responsibilities prior to leaving. It was great telling my coworker that did the billing while I was out to hand over the reigns because I was taking over. And it was even better to know that I hadn’t missed a beat. ;-)


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He's Drew already, huh?


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