Thursday, December 01, 2005

a few blurbs

these are a few of the things that i have wanted to blog about and haven't had the chance. since i am still waiting for my IMAP switch to finish up, i thought i would just write some quick blurbs:

1. dealing with sick newborns is not fun. it hasn't been that bad, but when your morning is already crunched for time, giving a breathing treatment seems to take up too much time. you do it anyways, of course.

2. tailgating can be fun, but it can also drain you. again i ask, why do we put ourselves through it? it's amazing to think how much effort it takes to prepare for & clean up after tailgating

3. we beat our total sales goal for for the month of november! sweeeeeeeet!

4. don't ask for a bigger christmas tree, it's not worth the extra effort. well, it probably is once it is finished

5. are anxiety attacks really that bad for you?

6. let's go hokies!!!! good luck in the ACC championship this saturday

7. florida state has the most annoying crowd chant or whatever the heck it's called, the tomahawk crap has got to stop.

8. hired an HR coordinator/adminstrator.....THANK GOD!!! and congrats Marisa! :)

9. working with a bunch of boys creates an interesting atmosphere

10. SNOWSHOE on the 9th!!! yes!!!! yippee!!!! can you tell that i am excited for this? kev and i leave on the 9th and don't come back until the 11th. thanks mom for watching the kids ;)

11. my uncle is still in iraq :( he won't be able to dress up for santa claus this year for all the little kids at our family christmas dinner

12. if the hokies go to the orange bowl, i really want to stay for new year's in miami, but i realize that this is not feasible, oh well.

13. is there such a class called "dealing with jealousy 101"? if so, sign me up.

14. apparently the reindeer donner is actually donder....who knew??

15. i was honored to attend a wedding-gown fitting (today actually) for my friend beth barnett, soon to be beth barnett-boebel. the gown was absolutely beautiful. thanks for asking beth!

16. only 6 more minutes remaining on my IMAP switch-a-roo (11:48, btw)

17. scratch the workout session tomorrow morning

18. if you are the accounting manager or you oversee the billing system for or, please drop me a line, we need to chat

19. our developers are spoiled

20. we get an entire week off in december!!! yay!!! (i guess all employees of are spoiled....hehe!)

21. jordan has to be the cutest little kid in the world....of course when she is not behaving badly

22. sales people are a unique breed


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Jilian said...

1- Glad he's getting better!
2- Agree!
3- Congrats
6- Ditto! GO HOKIES!
9- Agree!
10- Lucky you, I can't wait to hit the slopes.
17- I did the same.
20- nice.


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