Sunday, June 11, 2006

Long Time No Write

I guess I can believe that I haven't posted anything for 3 weeks now. Things have been a little crazy these days....imagine that. So anyhow I think I will just make this one the highlight edition. ;-)

(no particular order, of course!)

- Nell-Marie (my office-mate) gave birth to a beautiful baby boy (William Daniel Colman) on Wednesday, June 7th! yay!!

- Jesse and Shaun finally tied the knot yesterday...wahoo! The wedding was beautiful!!

- My friend/running partner, Jil, finished her first marathon! AWESOME job! Maybe she will blog about it soon!! ;-)

- My friend/co-worker/running partner Marisa got engaged! Maybe I will buy her a wedding planning book. (lol, jk Marisa!! I know the three you already have will be good enough!)

- Helped out with a community yard sale where the proceeds went to Baby Ian

- My aunt Barbara got (re-)married and a gorgeous wedding (apparently this was her first in a church, even a wedding

- Watched Jordan successfully ride her bike for the first time that her uncle Brian got her for her 3rd birthday. It only took a year and half, and yes the kind with training wheels. haha!

- Met my running coach Jim for the first time since I hired him in April. What a great experience!

- I am learning how to swim "properly" for my race, thanks to the help of Jim.

- Got a road bike for my race thanks to the kindness of my strength/spin teacher at TWC.

- Decided that it would be a great idea to compete in a triathlon. Yeah, I know, it's next month....maybe I am not so bright after all. ;-)

- Also thinking that running the Draper Mile and the Army 10-miler will be great ideas too.

- I ran my fastest 400m this year, 1:31 (sweet!!)

- Went whitewater rafting for the first time ever.....what a rush! I don't think I will be going back soon though, maybe in a year. haha!

- Experienced great improvements with our billing system! Thanks know who you are. :-)

- Learned from my husband's blog that he has already met some of his 2006 goals....hmmm....maybe we'll work on the communication piece of our relationship! haha.

- Watched Drew roll over for the first time...perhaps trying to reach for more food as he is getting so big now!

- Watched Jordan complete her first level of Kindergym at gymnastics. She's going to be the next Mary Lou Retton!!......ok, maybe not.

- Last, but not least, fiddled with my blog template....I started this a while back and actually forgot that I wasn't finished. haha...I do apologize for the mess, maybe I will get back to it before my next post.

I think that's it for now, however, if you feel that you should have made the "highlight edition" please let me know! (For a small fee I can make up anything!)

Coming up soon - bridesmaid dress fitting, girls spa night and Tracy's (first) bridal shower. Fun Times!!


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