Friday, June 29, 2007

The Matchmaker

I never thought I would be the one to introduce a couple who would eventually marry. But sure enough, I did. A couple of years ago a bunch of us went to Roanoke to a co-worker's annual Oktober Fest. At the last minute Kev and I suggested that our friend meet up with us and go. To our surprise, he said yes.

Afterwards we all headed downtown to Cornerstone to dance the night away. I was trying to hook up one of my friends with some random girl at the bar. Not sure if he followed through with everything, but the girl was there with her friend April. As soon as my co-worker left with Girl #1, my friend J-Mack was like, grab her friend there. So, as any good friend would do, I said, "Hey my friend Jason would like to buy you a drink." haha, and the rest was history. :-)

I am happy to have helped this couple find each other, fall in love, and make that life-long commitment to each other. It's crazy that it all started with me.

Kevin and I attended their wedding this past January. I would post a picture of the lovely couple, however, they have not sent us any pictures yet. (hint, hint!!) I did receive this picture below from J-Mack the other day, with the subject line "ohhhh aren't they cute".

I agree.


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