Monday, June 06, 2005

Visit & Names

ok, this visit was quick and easy like the rest of them. Nothing new to report, of great importance anyhow. I have gained 4 pounds since my last check up, which puts me at 2 over my starting weight. I read in one of my weekly baby email newsletters that by 5 and half months the average weight gain is about 10 pounds. So I am happy to report that I am under the average there! But, gaining those 4 pounds was too easy. I was even making a conscious effort to eat more healthy! Oh well....

My next appointment is on the 30th of this month, at which I will be taking the glucola test. It's like drinking a 12 ounce can of orange soda. It's really not too bad....but you have to drink it fast. Like over loading your body with sugar to see if you body can handle it correctly. The crappiest thing about this test is that it takes an hour to do. :( Oh, and the fact that you aren't supposed to eat for 12 hours prior...that sucks too. I will be sure to take my Harry Potter book and try to get some good reading done. :) (a little more than a month until the next book comes out!!!) Anyhow, I am sure the test will go smoothly.

I have also made my appointment for the 4-D ultrasound. I am really excited about this!! It's going to take place on the 19th of July....I think. I will have to call them back later to double check the date. I will be a little over 28 weeks, so the baby's features will be pretty much developed. And we might even get to take a peek between it's legs so we can at least narrow the name picking down by 50%.

So speaking of possible names, I will close this blog with MY latest picks of names....maybe Kevin can provide some feedback.....

(These are in no particular order.)



At 12:47 AM, Anonymous David said...

Of the names on your list my top pic for a girl is Lauren. Very pretty name. As for a boy I'd go w/ Zachary because its unique yet easy to spell.

Now, I'm not trying to analyze your pics or anything but you were a 90210 fan weren't you? Aren't Luke and Dylan names of people on that show? I could be wrong because I didn't actually watch it (much).

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Velvet Minnick said...

haha...never realized the connection! i only watched it a couple of times, towards the end of the saga. although i have contemplated buying the seasons when they are released (which i heard was in the works). :)

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Velvet Minnick said...

i have to post Bill's selection, since he just replied to my feed:

Boy - Aidan
Girl - Emily

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Out of the names you have on the list I like Zachary and Adian for a boy and Lauren and Emily for a girl. If you want me to be honest I really dislike the name Chloe, I think it is because my Aunts dog is name Chloe.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Kevin Minnick said...

I like Lauren, but I'm not settled on any of those boy names yet. I know Jordan is still a big fan of "Baby Minnick" but I guess she doesn't understand yet. She also liked "Jasmine" at one point. I'll keep thinking...

At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Pat said...

Aidan is a lil skirry, I would go with Patrick... I like Chloe though. My two dogs are chloe and fluffy and they're mad cute. ;)


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