Thursday, December 22, 2005

From My Friends At Google

On Monday I received (via FedEx) a package "From Your Friends at Google":

Of course, I immediately think, "What the heck did I order from Google? CAN you order stuff from Google? What the heck is this?"

So I open the box (in front of Kevin since he signed for it at work) and find:

Then I say, "Wow! A CD case! This is pretty cool!" But then I shake it, and say, "Oh! Maybe it's a nifty tool case with really tiny tools in it!" So without a moments hesitation, I open the little red case to find:


So let me run down the items included in this case:
4-port USB Hub
Rechargeable, Wireless, Optical (Mini) Mouse
USB Charger for Mouse
Earpiece headphone
USB Flashlight (really cool looking thing that extends/bends in almost any direction)
128MB flash drive
Keychain for flash drive
Detachable lanyard for flash drive
Soft Black (velvety) case for something...not quite sure for what...maybe the mini mouse?

A bunch of really cool stuff! So your next question may be, "Who do you know at Google"? Well, I don't know anyone at Google. Unless you count the person that my husband knows that got a job there that used to work for a company near by us. And if you count one of my coworkers that got through 2 interviews there....those are the closest two people that I know at Google. So anyhow, as luck would have it, I am actually the contact person for our company for the PPC (pay per click) program through Google AdWords. Haha! Who knew that such a point of contact would ever have it's benefits??

With the amount of money we give them for PPCs, the entire company should have received one!! ;-)

PS - later that same day I received this lovely card through the USPS:


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