Friday, March 03, 2006

Flying Is So Much Fun!!

(fyi - this blog was started yesterday and i didn't feel like going back and changing the tenses....and forgive me for spelling errors if there are any...haha!)

Today Beth and I started the day with 5 mile runs. We actually ran separately, but at the same time. After running and showering, I headed on over to her house to pick her up for our big Vegas trip. We were scheduled to take off from Charlotte at 12:40pm on Northwest airlines. I was so excited about heading out west that the 2.5 hour drive to Charlotte was basically a breeze. Not to mention that I was going about 80mph and trying to text various friends along the way too. (Beth was too busy planning her wedding on the phone with her wedding planner…haha, jk!)

We get to Charlotte and I was in *love* with the weather. It was so nice to step outside of your car and not have to worry about being frozen to the bone with wind chill factors. We head to the check-in counter and are waiting in line when one of the service attends shouts, “If you are going to Detroit, and have a connecting flight, please do not use the self check-in kiosks.” I look at Beth and give her a look of despair. It turns out that our flight was delayed 1hour, which isn’t bad…..except….we will miss our connecting flight out of Detroit. CRAP! The attendant schedules us on a Continental flight with a connection in Cleveland, which would put us in Vegas only 1.5 hours after our scheduled arrival. Not bad! Thanks NWA!

We head to the security checks and we are notified that both Beth and I were “randomly selected” for special screening. So we had to put our stuff in “special” bins and were led off to the side to be frisked by a lady wearing rubber gloves! Yay us! I thought, man, our luck is just going great, I can’t wait to get to Vegas!

We hang out in CLT and have a great lunch at Chili’s and then start our journey to Cleveland. I had called Kevin to tell him about the change and he says, “Cleveland? Oh, I heard it’s great there this time of year.” Hahaha. So we start to land in Cleveland and I can see some dusting of snow on the ground. When we land, I immediately text Kev to tell him that we have landed….and jokingly I said that they will probably have to de-ice our next plane. WELL….as my luck would have it guess what??? Our flight was delayed because they had to de-ice the plane. CRAP!!!!

After hanging out for a while in the cold city of Cleveland we finally get to board the plane. Not before last minute runs to the bathroom because it’s a long flight. We get on the plane and the captain announces that once they go through their preliminary flight stuff that we will be de-iced (yet again) before take off. By this time the pavement is covered in snow. You can only imagine what it felt like taking off. I am surprised we didn’t end up in Lake Erie.

Once at cruising altitude, we were set. We actually got a sandwich and a little rabbit food so things were swell. All of a sudden a couple of flight attendants are rushing to get some medical supplies, which happened to be located right above Beth’s head in row 30 of 32. They play it off like nothing’s going on, until the main flight attendant says that we now have a medical emergency. This “minor” medical emergency requires the plane to make a detour to the Denver, CO airport. GREAT! I didn’t feel like going to Vegas today anyhow!! We were cruising at an altitude of 32,000 feet and we made it to the airport in record descent time. I have never felt so much g-force and shaking of an aircraft in all my life. It was actually kind of freaking. After about 30 mins on the ground we finally got going on the final leg of our trip and landed in Vegas about 10:30 (vegas time). That was 4.5 hours after our scheduled arrival. I have forgotten how much fun it is to fly!!

Beth and I walk around the first night and I grab a sandwich at a very quaint shop inside the Venetian. We finally call it a night at 1:15 vegas time….which made it 4:15am EST, only an hour longer and we both would have been up for 24 hours. Haha.


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Heather said...

When in the world do you find time to write such long blog's. It is cool how you're able to record your thoughts though. Like this trip for instance...such a wonderful experience and really funny to me now since you told me this story at the hospital and as I read and I can remember your you looked like you had just been beatin' or something, no offense. But you could definitely tell you were long did it take for your feet to go down?...ha!


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