Saturday, February 11, 2006

In the Books

I have completed the first week of my ½-marathon training and I am happy to report that it wasn’t really that bad. The entire program itself looks rather simple. I guess you just have to make your mind up to do it. So this morning I had to run 4-miles. I was surprised, shocked actually, that I was able to do it without any major pains or cramps and do it at a pace just under 10min/mi. I had to run on the treadmill today because I forgot my watch. (yuck! forgetting a timing mechanism won’t be an issue once I get my nano!!) I like to be able to see what kind of pace I am running and to push myself to go harder. But I was amazed at how *fast* the time went by, and it usually doesn’t go by quickly when you are on a treadmill.

The hardest day of the workout, in my opinion, was probably Wednesday. I had to do a 3-mile run and then do free-weights. I got up around 4:55am to get to the gym early enough to run 3-miles and then do the Strictly Strength class at 6:00am. The SS class involves free-weights and works every muscle group in the body (with legs getting hit twice). The class is great, but yet intense. So by the time I finished that class on Wednesday, I was exhausted. Running the 4-miles this morning was easy compared to that day!

Luckily, this week’s training is exactly like last week, no increases in distance for running. Whew! And as for an update on my goal, after almost 6 weeks I am down 15 pounds. (Technically, 14.8….so I gave myself 0.2 pounds for the weight of my clothes & shoes. ;-)

Only 10 more pounds to go before I get my next (much anticipated) reward!!


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