Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nashville Again?

I was on the phone the other day with my Dad and we got to talking about running. He told me that he thinks that he wants to do the Nashville 1/2 marathon next year!! He used to run all the time but stopped after having a knee injury which led to surgery. (Something like that anyhow.) He tells me that he is seriously considering it and asks for my running "expertise". haha. I gave him a few pointers and then we said our goodbyes.

Later on that day, I receive a message from him saying that he is definitely going to start training and even went out to buy a new pair of running shoes!! How cool is that? I am just so proud of him for wanting to take on a such a challenge. He will have so many rewards from running, both mentally and physically. I told him that if he wanted to do the Nashville race then I would be more than happy to do it with him to provide him with any support he may need. I might even let him finish before me. ;-)

Being the competitive person that my Dad is, I wonder if I can get him to train for a sub 2-hour race?? hmmm........


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