Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Family Update

Ok, I have been putting off this particular post for a while now. I suppose this blog is "all about me" but my kids need some mention here.

So let's look at the last few months in review:

1 - Drew finally got a tooth like a week before his birthday. He's currently cutting his third one. Heaven help us once he gets a full set, we won't be able to keep food in the house.

2 - Drew started walking. I think he started walking about 1-2 weeks before his birthday. This was very surprising to us as Jordan didn't start actually walking until after her 1st birthday. That was a neat experience. Too bad YouTube wasn't actually good for us novice film makers. (I wonder how I can get the good quality uploads??!!)

3 - Drew turned 1 year old. Amazing stuff. It's hard to believe that he will be 14 months old this month. I know, I know, a little behind with the updates. Thank god I actually take pictures though.

4 - Jordan is getting smarter every day. I was actually shocked that she believed us when we told her that Halloween only exists on one street in Blacksburg and that people don't give out candy on other streets. However, she remembered the exact street that we went down last year even before we told her we were going down it again. As we left the area I thought for sure she would say something about all the other kids running around on different streets, but by that time she was diggin' into her candy so she was totally distracted!

5 - Jordan is the best big sister/daughter ever. She is always looking out for Drew, especially if he needs something. And let's not forget that when we need something she's all about helping us. Occassionally we will get the response, "I can't help you right now, I am too busy with something" which cracks me up that she has that kind of talking ability.

6 - Jordan is getting better at memorizing words to spell. She loves to look at words and then tell you that she can spell them. She will say, "Mommy, do you want to hear me spell the word 'on'?" I willingly agree and she will close her eyes and spell the word. It's really neat. The words have progressed from 'on' and 'off' to 'Kevin'. I think it's fantastic that she will close her eyes and visualize them while she is trying to spell. This is going to be helpful for her in the future when she is memorizing a mathematical formula or some kind of coding process. ;-)

7 - Jordan is an awesome singer. Believe it or not! It's just so freakin' amazing to hear her sing songs that she has memorized. My favorite thus far has to be the songs from the Little Mermaid DVD that we bought a couple of weeks ago. She started busting out the words the other day and I couldn't believe she had them memorized. She can also hold notes for the proper duration. It's nuts. Don't worry, I have captured some of the moments on video, but not with the songs from the Little Mermaid....I'll get them shortly though!

8 - Drew is still a Momma's/Daddy's boy at night. Kevin will wake up almost every night with Drew and sleep with him until he wakes up in the morning. Occassionally I will do it, but what's amazing is that we know that there is nothing wrong with the kid, he just wants to snuggle. haha. We'll prop him up in the nook of our arms and he will just face you and go right back to sleep. Of course there are those nights though where he will not stop moving and we have to send him back to his crib to cry himself to sleep so that we don't loose it.

9 - Speaking of loosing it, sometimes I will joke around with the kids and say that if they don't stop crying I will be checking myself into the cuckoo house. The other day I attempted to say this but I couldn't get cuckoo out. I kept saying crazy house. Jordan quickly corrected me by saying, "Mommy, you will end up in the CUCKOO house." hahahaha. She's so smart.

10 - Both of my children have distinct features that remind me of myself, or Kevin. The obvious are Jordan's cute pointy ears (Kevin) and Drew's round face (Me). I can't quite get Drew's personality pinned down to either me or Kevin, but Jordan's personality is definitely one that reflects mine. It's quite scary how type-A she can be at times. ;-) Perhaps Drew will continue to be laid back, just like Kevin. But heaven forbid you take away his cup of milk because he will come after you with avengeance. :-)

Ok, that wraps it up for this version of the family update. I'll be back in the next few (prolly 6) months with another great family edition update!


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