Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What the hell?

I am sure you know the phrase, and you probably use it a lot to, "What the hell?". Or maybe you like the version, "What in the hell?". This statement....er question, is usually followed by some other words like, "...is that?" or even "...are you doing?" These questions, or any version of them, should definitely not come out of a 5 year old's mouth.

So, I am getting my 5-year old daughter a sippie cup with milk before we go to bed. I look for a cup that has a special thing inside that keeps the cup from leaking. There are no special things to be found, and all of the other cups are in the dishwasher that is washing all the sippie cups we own. I think to myself, "Jordan will be pissed that the cup leaks, if she tilts it and milk comes out, even by accident." There's nothing I can do, because there are NO MORE clean sippie cups. I fill the cup with milk, without the leak prevention piece, and give it to Jordan. I go back to doing the laundry.

The *instant* I get back to the dryer I hear the following coming from my daughter's mouth, and I quote, "Mommy! What the hell? You didn't put the thingy in my cup and milk is leaking all over me!!" Yes, she said, "what the hell?". Ugh.....where did she learn this??!! I ask her where she had heard that before, and she says that she just made it up. haha, yeah right.

How did she know to use it in the correct context though? That's pretty clever of her.

I told her that it wasn't nice to say that and she assured me she wouldn't say it again.

It's so funny (laughing on the inside, of course) because if she would have heard something like this: "What in the hell? I hate you!" she would be the first in the room to say, "We don't say that word, it's a bad word" and she would be referring to the word "hate". So that's what they teach her at school, that "hate" is bad, but not "What in the hell?". But how many 5-year olds do you know use a phrase like that? haha....parenthood!


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