Monday, January 22, 2007

Marathon Training - it's hard

Yup, that's right, it's hard. Imagine that, right? Ugh. I suppose enduring 3 hour long training runs wouldn't be as bad if the weather was nice. A couple of weeks ago (maybe longer ago now that I think about it) I did a run and couldn't believe that I had to take off my running jacket to run in my Nike dri-fit t-shirt. That was a good day of marathon training, at least from what I can remember.

But then winter weather decided to grace us with her presence. How nice! So now I get to wear 2 layers of cold gear (insulated, sweat wicking material) along with the windbreaker. Oh, and normally I don't like to wear gloves while running. I even have two cool running shirts with thumb holes in the sleeves, and one with extra long sleeves that I can wrap around my hands if it's cold out. This time running though, I had to break out the cold-gear gloves. And I wore them the entire time while running.

So anyhow, cold weather and long runs make for quite the experience. I have only 2 more months left of training. And probably only 1 more month of long runs before I taper for my race. Not too much longer and I will be finished with this training. I am welcoming that day more and more. :-)

Also, if you would like to enjoy the nice winter weather we are experiencing, feel free to stop by our house. Sometimes I wonder if it is warmer outside than inside our house. It took an act of Congress to get the house thermostat up to at least 70 degrees (from 68!!). Apparently giving Kevin the Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook for Christmas had it's repercussions. He insists that Martha's house temperatures are adequate for us too. Yeah, but I am sure the book failed to mention that every fireplace in the house is lit too, thus justifying a low temperature. Us, on the other hand, we have no fireplaces and I can feel the cold air enveloping me as I type. :-) I will have to admit though, I never thought we would have a picture-perfect garage! ;-)


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