Monday, November 27, 2006

So Much To Write, So Little Time

It's hard to believe that this is the last week of November. Where has the year gone?? For myself, this past Thanksgiving Holiday was jammed with a lot of interesting items. I could probably write separate posts for each one, but for the sake of time you all will be thrilled to just receive the "update" version.

1. celebrated the big 'ole Turkey day in Ohio with my Dad. Left early Wednesday and came back on Friday. It was very enjoyable and relaxing. also discovered that Buckeye fans are everywhere (imagine that with a perfect season, right?) While grabbing a quick lunch at Wendy's, I was pleased to know that I could have the Buckeye Brutus Burger with a Buckeye Frozen Frosty for dessert. I would love to see what Wendy's would do for the Hokie fans.

2. celebrated Christmas too with my family (haha) since we wouldn't be back up there until the new year. Jordan and Drew made out like bandits, as always. Maybe this means that we don't have to get them anything else! sweet!

3. ran in a 4-miler race with my Dad "for fun". There were no expectations for this race, well, kinda. I just wanted to finish in 30minutes. Came across the finish line in 30:12. yay. :-) We were rewarded with a Dri-Fit long-sleeve shirt by Brooks, a finisher's medal, gloves, a hat & a free sample of Body-Glide, and a bottle of wine that could put hair on anyone's chest.

4. watched the final football game of the season. Go Hokies! It was great to watch a game in it's entirety. Rumor has it that the Hokies will be going to the Peach Bowl. Good for them, although I think Kev and I are going to pass on it.

5. enjoyed a great tailgate with friends and co-workers. this was by far the most enjoyable tailgate. i even ventured outside of my box and participated in a round or two of flip-cup. yay me. i also stepped up to man the grill for the first time all season. it was extremely pleasing to force people to eat 3-4 hamburgers just so we could get rid of them. oh, let's not forget the granny keg-stand!!

6. i am still experiencing can stop laughing now, it's not funny. ;-)

7. most enjoyable food this weekend - nope, not the turkey and trimmings....the shrimp tempura (and beth's hawaiian roll) at Poor Billy's. yum!

8. funniest line said at the tailgate - "I worked at, at Chuck E. Cheese for 2 years" (Thanks John! I never thought I could laugh so much without making a single sound!)

9. weirdest moment - witnessing a friend practically strangle another friend while being escorted out of the bar. i am sure it was all fun and games....just weird to watch. (i hope you two have worked out your differences! haha!! ;-)

10. funniest event - watching kevin and zach carry bill all the way into bill's house to put him on the couch....only to have bill "magically" walk only seconds afterwards to go to the bathroom. haha!

11. started reading the book, "Inside Intuit" and I am completely amazed thus far. Just from weekend reading I am already halfway done. I can't wait to finish it up. It has sparked a lot of ideas for me, especially with the aspect of software development.


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