Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finding The Right Running Shoe

I am having a time and half finding the right replacement for my current running shoes. I have even tried running in the same model (but newer version) as my old pair, but still no luck. I can't believe that I am having such a hard time finding one that doesn't make my shins hurt. I have truly tested out (by running outside 3 or more miles) in two different models of Adidas. Both cause my feet to roll out more than normal and eventually make my shins extremely tired. I have tried on 8 different kinds so far. I am upset about all of this because it is hindering my training! :-(

Hopefully the folks over at Fleet Feet in Columbus, Ohio can help me out with their extensive fitting and gait analysis. Who knows....they might not have a solution either. haha. But I am willing to try every shoe available though, that's for sure.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Beth Barnett Boebel said...

Those stores are THE best. Plan on being in there for at least an hour :) I feel your pain, I have been down that road and the Fleet Feet in NOVA helped me out... but now I think I have found my new favorite shoe the Avia Lite and it's more sturdy trainer Avi-Trainer.


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