Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day.... Bah Humbug!

Before I get to the really great parts about Valentine's Day, let me tell you about my experience with Valentine's day with kids.

So, just like last year, Jordan comes home with the class roster so that we can write out Valentine's Day cards. She also comes home with a slip of paper saying to bring in chips and dip for the 'party'. No big deal. I buy the cards for Jordan, she preferred Hello Kitty this year, I spend about an hour with her. I have to spell the names out for her and she writes them on the card. This is a great exercise with my patience. At least this year she wrote out about 99% percent of the names herself. Cool...done.

Jordan came home with the her class roster about a week ago, plenty of time to prepare. Well, the other day, I get this sheet of paper of from Drew's's his class roster. At first I thought, how cute! I will write all the kids names on the cards and give them all suckers. It will be so nice. I mentioned this to Kev and I basically got 'the look'. This 'look' can be vocalized as, 'haha, yeah right, I don't think so." I am sure most of you know this look. I quickly dismiss my 'it will be a good motherly thing to do' idea and say, 'you're right dear, why would we do that?!" Let's face it, A - they are 12-24 month old babies, B - they can't write, C - they can't read, D - they can't even eat cool candy like the conversation hearts! A complete waste of time.

I go and pick up the kids today, totally excited to see what kind of candy Jordan would be bringing home. I am leaving Drew's classroom and the teacher hands me a brown bag.....filled with Valentine's Day cards and candy. Are you kidding me? I mean, didn't these other parents realize that this was a complete waste of time?? APPARENTLY NOT!! One set of parents even went as far as making rose-tinted rice krispy treats!! Whoa! Now that, my friends, was an awesome treat. Ridiculous.....yummy, but ridiculous.

Did the parents really think that I would believe that these cards were hand-picked and 'from' their 18-month olds? lol...

Ok, so on to the good stuff! Check out my cutie pies!! Check out the difference from last year with these below. Man oh man....they are quite the trouble makers so don't let these pictures fool you! I am sure they would try to rip your head off if you took their suckers!

Of course the most amazing husband in the entire world went the extra mile to buy me flowers and cook me an awesome steak dinner. He even remembered the red wine! :-)


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