Friday, September 28, 2007

Free Waffle Fridays

Just another reason why I love working at Waffle Fridays.

Ok, it's not really because I can eat free waffles at work, we all know that this girl could use some time away from waffles. (At least I skipped out on the butter!!)

I love working here because Webmail encourages leadership of all different forms. Something as simple as creating a fun activity for coworkers (to get them in to work earlier!) is well worth it. To be honest, the idea for 'Free Waffle Fridays' came on a whim while purchasing food for our office last week. Usually it's during the implementation process that great ideas get lost. So I charged ahead with it and got it going. Hopefully this new tradition will continue and inspire other workers to be creative and step up to the challenge. Leadership, after all, is always up for grabs.

And my coworkers don't know it yet, but, they will be paired with other people in the office that they might not normally work with to cook the waffles. We are all like family anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem! :-)


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