Sunday, July 10, 2005

26 weeks

On the 7th I went for one of my prenatal visits. I also had the glucola test. Both went well. The prenatal visit showed that I was measuring right on schedule. I had only gained 3 pounds since my last visit. (At 7 pounds total thus far, which doesn't seem possible with how much my stomach seems to be protruding....) My blood pressure was great too.

The glucola testing went well. I had to drink 16oz of this orange-tasting carbonated liquid. It took me about 3 mins to drink it.....for some reason it tasted better this time around than the last time I had to do it. After I drank it, I had to wait an hour before they could draw my blood and test my glucose levels. The cut off for the second more intense diabetes testing is at 130. My test came back at 124. Which is still below the cutoff, but the nurse tested it again and it was 121. So thankfully, I do not have gestational diabetes. whew...

I would say the most interesting point to this visit was the fact that as I was leaving the check-up room, the doctor says, "Well, I guess I will see you in two weeks." At first I thought something was wrong and that's why I needed to come back sooner. But then it hit two more weeks I will be 28 weeks....and that's when you are required to get prenatal check ups every two weeks, instead of every 4. HOLY COW!!! I am almost 28 weeks??? That is coming in like 3 months. Is that even possible? It seems like yesterday I was going to have the blood test done to verify I was pregnant!

So this week starts my 28th week. My next visit is Thursday. I think at this visit I will be getting the rhogam shot. Since I have A-negative blood type, I have to get this shot so that my body doesn't produce antibodies to the baby. It's a "simple" shot that is injected in my hip. I think they do it at 28 weeks and then again sometime after delivery.

And then the following week, on the 19th, the much anticipated 4-D ultrasound!!! :)


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