Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Better Choices

Yesterday was one of those days where a Snicker's bar is quite OK to have. I went upstairs during work to do just that. I brought a dollar in change thinking that my snack would only cost 75 cents.....wrong! How did candy bars get so expensive? I am glad that I was prepared and brought extra money!

I go to type in 52 for the Snicker's selection and I immediately change my mind to 44, the York peppermint patty. It's obviously the better (although less satisfying, of course) choice between the two. I was quite proud of myself for making the last minute switch, until my dark chocolate covered peppermint patties get stuck in the turn thingy. Very sad. :-(

I discretely tap on the window to see if will fall, but no luck. I had to resort to a barbaric vending machine tilt to get it to drop. To my surprise, not one....but TWO peppermint patties fall from their resting place!

My conclusion from this experience is that A - you get rewarded for making better food choices with more food or possibly B - the vending company realizes that two packages justify ripping people off. :-/


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