Friday, August 12, 2005

How Much Longer?

I went for my 32 week check up yesterday. Everything checked out ok. I was informed that my due date is more around the 6th of October....which is great! As a matter of fact, I did ask the doctor if it would be possible to be induced about week prior to my due date. Inductions are one of those procedures that are normally performed only when the benefits greatly outweigh the dangers. Ultimately, if an induction does not progress, the end result is a c-section. I definitely want to bypass the c-section route. The doctor said that there are many factors that go into deciding whether or not an induction should occur, which of course I figured. He said he could not commit to an induction this far from my due date, but would consider the possibility as I get closer to the end. One thing I have going for me is that I had a very favorable delivery with my first child. So maybe my baby & body will cooperate when the time comes!

There are a couple of reasons that I am requesting the induction. The first reason, and the biggest, is because of my back. Of course if you ask me, I seem to have the worst case in the entire world. (haha....ok maybe I don't, but it feels like it!!) It's a problem that most pregnant women face, but I swear I have it worse than others. Maybe it's because of how much I "popped" my back prior to the pregnancy. If you could imagine being able to pop your back at your pleasure and the relief you feel from doing so....then NOT being able to get one little pop. No matter how much you twist and stretch. It's like you can feel the pressure building on a daily basis. The doctor had a more technical description of what was going on in the joints, but it's too hard to describe in words. :) So at night when I feel the need to switch over to my other side, it's like the biggest task ever. I can't just move in one swoop because my lower half is practically numb. Sometimes I will fall asleep during this process and wake up realizing that I didn't make it all the way over to the other side and I am on my back. Which makes the whole situation even worse. So after having to deal with that, it's time to make a trip to the bathroom. I can't even begin to explain how difficult it is to walk. My back radiates with pain with the slightest pressure of my right leg/foot on the floor. After manuvering myself to a sitting position, I then have to stand in place for a few seconds and start my wobbling efforts to the bathroom. Added with the fact that my hips feel like jell-o, I feel like I could crawl and get there faster. It's pathetic, I know....but it's not my fault!!. One must not forget: I have the worse case in the world. ;) So that's the main reason for my request.

The second reason is more of a tribute. My dad's birthday is on the 25th of Sept, which is only 11 days before my due date. It would be neat to have Andrew on the same day. What's 11 days??? Surely that's not too early!

The third reason is a small one. In Montgomery county, Virginia, children have to be 5 before Sept 30th in order to attend kindergarten. Having Andrew right before this cut-off allows us the option to let him start school if we feel he is ready for it.

The fourth reason is purely for convenience. Like I mentioned above, my request would be the 25th of Sept.....which coincidently fits right in with the Virginia Tech football schedule. Ideally, I would like to attend the home game on the 24th. Then go to the hospital either at 12 am or 6 am, however they do it, and start the induction process. Then hopefully by the end of the day have baby Andrew. This would allow me to stay my 3 days or whatever and be home in time to watch the next VT football game, which just so happens to be an away game. More importantly, I will have 2 weeks to get some recovery time in before the next home football game on the 8th of October. We are season ticket holders you know.........

I should have more of an idea if this induction will be possible in about 4 weeks. :)


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Pat said...

You can't have a baby the day before billing day! ;-)

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Wouldn't you like your baby to know his birthday was determined by an ACC Football Schedule, haha... j/k... Schedule that one... but as Pat suggested... on the 8th, haha (or 9th to be safe).



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