Monday, September 12, 2005

Every Week Now

Since my last visit at 36 weeks, I now go for my check-ups every week now. The last visit was good of course. Nothing exciting or new....just the fact that D-day cannot get here any sooner!! I am still keeping my fingers crossed for the 25th. :-)

My friend Tracy, my mom & my sister gave me baby shower this weekend. I protested the whole idea just because I really don't know the ethics of how many baby showers you are supposed to have. But anyhow, it mainly consisted of friends that I worked with at my previous job, a couple of friends from high school and three members of my extended family. Anyhow, the shower was great. We had it outside and the weather was absolutely perfect. The best thing about the shower.....besides the food of course.....was being able to chat with old friends that I haven't seen in a long time. Many of them are older than me, and some much older, but being able to chat with them and catch up on things was very gratifying.

I am sure this week will fly by quickly with my next check up and the premier of Survivor on Thursday, another baby shower (from my coworkers) on Friday and then the much anticipated first home game of the Hokies on Saturday.


At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Don't cheer to loud at the Hokie game this weekend... that baby might pop out in Lane Stadum... hmmm... Andrew Lane Minnick? Maybe... but if he's not cool, people will call him Lame Minnick, haha... ahh...


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